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Li Fangzhong Awarded with “Excellent Entrepreneur Chongqing 2016”

2017-06-12 13:12:49 Chongqing Pump Read

Good news repeats! 

Recently Mr. Li Fangzhong, Chairman & General Manager of Chongqing Pump Industry Co., Ltd(CQPI), was awarded with “Excellent Entrepreneur Chongqing 2016”. It is of significant meaning of this rare honor finally settling down to CQPI, fully demonstrating fruitful achievements and outstanding in pump industry since its establishment from one aspect, and reflecting cross supports and recognition from the peers in circle for CQPI’s business development and enterprise missions in another aspect

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The awarding event of Excellent Entrepreneur Chongqing is organized by Chongqing Association of Entrepreneur for the first round since 2015. The candidates come out by combined means of free application and recommendations in a principle of open and fair. The final 40 awarded winners are produced after the procedure of representative voting and public showing in internet.