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PAU Qualification from Uganda

2018-07-25 15:30:49 Chongqing Pump Read




The Petroleum Authority of Uganda(PAU) recently issued the qualification certificate to Chongqing Pump Industry Co., Ltd(CQPI) in supply of goods, works and services in the oil and gas sector in Uganda. This means CQPI has officially acquired the permit to this range in territory of Uganda.




PAU is the agency responsible for managing and monitoring upstream and midstream activities in oil and gas on behalf of Uganda government. Any entity intending to make business in oil and gas in Uganda has to obtain the supplier approval qualification from PAU.

The industry of oil and gas  has become one of the hottest investing point of Uganda, and it has attracted top giants like TOTAL and CNOOC to participate.

As a professional industrial pump manufacturer both centrifugal and volumetric in high-medium end, CQPI has been making outstanding performance in petrol gas field in several countries. Under the national strategy of “Belt & Road”, CQPI is striving to provide professional products and good services to global customers continuously.     YYG