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2018-04-04 08:46:06 Chongqing Pump Read


On March 21st, the delegates led by Mr. Fraguia Davide from Danieli China visits Chongqing Pump Industry Co., Ltd.(CQPI). Mr. Li Fangzong, the Board Chairman & General Manager of CQPI, receives the guest visit in hospitable welcome, exchanging views on mutual cooperation in supply of metallurgical equipment in steel industry.  


Through the onsite meeting and visit, Danieli has had a deeper understanding of CQPI regarding the history, development, manufacturing and facility, with confidence in its technical strength and market performance in steel industry in China and abroad. Both agree to explore further potential progress with afterward activities.

CQPI is a professional pump manufacturer for more than 66 years without loss making in China, and the descaling system occupying over 90% share in domestic steel works and increasing exports to countries around the world; while the Italy-based Danieli lists among top 3 of global metallurgical equipment and service providers (another two are SIEMENS-VAI of Austria and SMS of Germany)established in 1914, operates plants or sales offices in 17 countries and regions, with employees over 12,000, its headquarter locating in Changshu of Jiangsu China.  (FY)