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CQPI Interviewed by Chongqing Television

2017-12-13 15:02:34 Chongqing Pump Read

Report of 19th CPC National Congress proposed that promoting the value of state-owned assets and the strength of state capital to do better and bigger, and supporting the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries. The Chongqing television station has carried out a series of reports on the reform of state-owned enterprises. The Chongqing news broadcast was interviewed by CQPI and was reported in December 7th.


Chief engineer was interviewed by Chongqing TV

The report said that a new product used in nuclear power plant which will be completed in the early next year to fill the gap in our city. Expanding the scope of product coverage to expand our enterprise's survival space in the future. Head of test station, Cao Xiao said: expand the area of product coverage, expand our future living space. Chief engineer, Wang Tianzhou: after the nineteen convening, our factory pays more attention to innovation and focuses on the construction of state-level technology centers.