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The Invention of 3DZ Series Reciprocating Pump

2017-12-08 09:27:18 Chongqing Pump Read


Recently we finished our new design product drawing --3DZ series electric driven reciprocating pump, and they already get into manufacture step. CQPI gained this 3DZ series design project from one Beijing Company. It includes 7 types new design pump, 14 sets totally for this project. areast-language: ZH-CN;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA'>The 3DM series mining slurry hydraulic diaphragm pump was researched, designed and developed by CQPI for transferring solid liquid two-phase flow medium. It adopts 15 proprietary intellectual property rightspatent technologies. CQPI has rich experience on the design, research and develop of hydraulic diaphragm pump, which has high popularity on domestic large-scale reciprocating diaphragm pump market and also occupies large market share and gains much trust and praise from majority of customers.


The displacement positive pump office formed a eight person team to break through the design bottle neck, include two experts in this area Mr. Chen Li and Mr. Zhang Shunping. Finally they finished related design work after two months strive. When design this new series pump, they break through tradition mind and small batch design pattern, and use the modular design concepts, so that the versatility and interchangeability of parts are improved. Meanwhile when they design the pump frame, it adopts gear transmission and worm and gear transmission, and reduced several mechanisms to meet with different customer using requirement. The integrate crosshead and connection rod reduced total size.

When the engineers design this new series type pump, they do not only care about design progress, but more care about the reasonability of design and pump life. The engineers also adopt some advance methods in design, just like finite element dynamic simulation and analysis to ensure the new products can meet with design requirement.