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3D14M Passed Test Witness

2017-12-08 09:29:55 Chongqing Pump Read

On 17th Nov. 2017, the project manager of East Hope group, Mr. Hu Weifeng, come our company for the witness of hydraulic diaphragm pump 3D14M580/9.5-IA , and the pump passed test acceptance and got customer's approval. 


The 3DM series mining slurry hydraulic diaphragm pump was researched, designed and developed by CQPI for transferring solid liquid two-phase flow medium. It adopts 15 proprietary intellectual property rights patent technologies. CQPI has rich experience on the design, research and develop of hydraulic diaphragm pump, which has high popularity on domestic large-scale reciprocating diaphragm pump market and also occupies large market share and gains much trust and praise from majority of customers.