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First Mineral Tailings Recycle in Peru

2017-12-01 12:34:50 Chongqing Pump Read

Reports from People’s Daily (November of 7th), On the day of November 3rd, the Mineral Tailings Development Program(MTDP) of Shouxin Peru Mineral Co., Ltd(Shouxin) was launched for official production in Marcona of Peru, among those CQPI is supplying the critical pump system- Mineral Diaphragm Pump. The Chinese Embassy Officials in Peru and related enterprise representatives participated this ceremoney on site for witness. The Minister of Energy & Mining of Peru presented for addressing, forwarding the congratulations on this launch from President of Peru saying it as “a typical model of mineral tailings recycles in Peru”, while Mr. Jia Guide, Chinese Ambassador to Peru, describing it as” a tremendous gift for the 46th anniversary between China and Peru”.


Shouxin is a joint venture in Peru established by Shougang Peru & Baiyin Group, also the first directly-invested international project by Baiyin. The MTDP is to recollect valuable elements like copper, zinc, iron from the wasted iron tailings, which is the first resource recycle project in Peru, benefiting much to waste reuse and environment protection. The total investment of this project is around 230 million us dollars, and the construction started in June of 2015, completed for trial production in only 18 months, which created fastest record in local constructions progress. CQPI has made excellent performance in the process of equipment supply, startup commission, warranty spares, as well as site services, which wins high appraisal and satisfaction from the end user.

The mineral diaphragm pump is another highlight product after steel descaling pump in CQPI, and it has been widely used in domestic mining industry, with growing global exports to North American countries and regions, including Peru and Brazil. YYG)