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Order of Kazakhstan: Oilfield Pumps

2021-09-03 16:07:37 Chongqing Pump Read


Order of Kazakhstan: Oilfield Pumps


CQPI Market News: On August 20, CQPI received a bid awarded notice from a known domestic oil and gas EPC customer. CQPI won the supply bid of pump package for a construction project of a natural gas treatment plant in Kazakhstan, up to 27 pump units in total.



It is reported that this construction project is the first cooperation between EPC client and the Kazakhstan owner, where CQPI has been deeply acknowledged by both EPC contractor and ender user in terms of its professional technical and commercial proposals. CQPI was finally able to stand out among global bidders in rounds for supply of oilfield pump units, which is in root because of its professional technical design, advanced manufacture technology, and excellent overseas service ability resulting from over 70 years of continuous precipitation.


As a comprehensive manufacturer of industrial pumps in China, CQPI has wide applications in steel, petroleum, refining, chemicals, municipal and civil nuclear fields, with global exports to over 30 countries and regions. This new order is of great significance to add CQPI’s new reference in oil & gas as well as further exploration in Kazakhstan, also marking a solid step for CQPI to take advantages under national program of "Belt & Road" for further forward overseas development.(Source-HZF; English-YYG)