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Biggest Descaling Order Won Bids

2017-11-30 11:34:20 Chongqing Pump Read

Biggest Descaling Order Won Bids

24-11-2017CQPI won the bid of HP Water Descaling System for 2050MM Hot Strip Project in Hebei Steel in this month. The final bidding value is above 50 Million Yuan, in equivalent of 8 million US dollars approximately. It is the biggest single order of CQPI descaling system up to its historical records.


This project is a significant part of mill relocation and product upgrade program contributing to upcoming XXIV Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. CQPI descaling has long been taking the predominance in terms of technology in the field of steel industry, capturing more than 95% of total market share in China, meanwhile with continuous global exports around the world.

(Source-WeChat; English-YYG)