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Customer Visit from Chile Mining

2021-09-17 12:00:21 Chongqing Pump Read


Customer Visit from Chile Mining


A Chile mining customer team visited CQPI in recent days led by its purchasing president, and was warmly received and hosted by Mr. Li Fangzhong, CQPI Board Chairman, as well as Mr. Peng Zhong, General Manager.

During the visit, the Parties have also made mutual presentations, visited CQPI productions and organized meetings in frank exchange of views, and reached preliminary understanding on actions afterwards.



It is learnt that the Chilean customer, founded in 1976, is one of the largest copper production enterprises in the world. It operates 7 mines and 1 smelter, mainly engaged in copper development, mining, refining, processing, and sales.


CQPI, founded in 1951, is aimed to R&D and manufacture of high and medium end industrial pumps. It has made remarkable performances in many fields, including metallurgy, mining, oil and gas, chemical, civil nuclear power. As a deep-rooted area of CQPI for more than 20 years, mineral slurry diaphragm pump has achieved over 600 sets of active reference in globe, and 70 of them for overseas clients.(YYG)