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New Products Appraisal

2017-11-08 16:26:01 Chongqing Pump Read

New Products Appraisal

October 30th, the New Product Appraising Expert Team led by Chongqing Committee of Economy and Information, visited CQPI for its two new products for provincial certificating, the Cold Descaling Pump for steel, and the Fracturing Pump for underground coal mining.

Based on the final review of the product reports and technical data, the expert team also implemented the onsite desk research and actual field observation, and unanimously agree to final appraisal approval given to these two new products, which represent advanced technology and make up the blanks in the steel and coal industries.


Descaling has long been a predominant advantage in CQPI for more than 60 years, now it has captured above 95% of market share in major mills of China as well as growing global exports.

(Source-CQPI Wechat, English-YF)