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Exploring Brazil Market

2017-10-27 16:52:04 Chongqing Pump Read

Brazil is one of BRICS. BRICS summit was held successfully in Xiamen.To further cooperation with Brazil, CQPI foreign trade team took business trip from Sep.16-Sep.27 in Brazil. Foreign trade team has participated in International Mining Exhibition 2017, visited Gerdau (the largest long wood manufacturer in America) headquarter, project office, and mining area (CQPI hydraulic diaphragm pump operation site).


News Extension

The international mining exhibition is the largest and professional exhibition in Brazil. There are more than 400 enterprises participated from Brazil, China ,America, German, Canada, Australia, Italy, Chile, South African, England, Argentina and etc. such as Sulzer, KSB, Feluwa in 2017. Foreign trade team has talked with ANGLO AMERICAN, VOTORANTIM, YAMANAGOLD, ANGLOGOLDASHANTI and VALE, and introduced CQPI and products. After visiting exhibition, foreign trade team has known international procurement procedure and project construction situation in Brazil to lay a foundation for later bidding.  

Foreign trade team also visited  mining area to know our reciprocating hydraulic diaphragm pump operation status. The pump has operated stably 4 years. The team has technical communication with maintenance engineer and manager. From Gerdau's feedback, they are satisfied with hydraulic diagram pump. Later, foreign trade team also visited Gerdau headquarter and project office. This visit enhanced mutual understanding and provided preparation for further cooperation.