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Xinjiang Bayi Steel Visits CQPI

2021-06-17 13:55:35 Chongqing Pump Read


On June 8th, Bao Guohua, secretary of Baowu Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Company, visited CQPI, which organized a communication forum and the Chairman Li Fangzhong attended the meeting.



At the meeting, Li Fangzhong introduced the development and progress of CQPI in recent years, reviewed the cooperation process with Bayi Iron and Steel Company for more than ten years, and hoped to do a good job in supply and service for Bayi Iron and Steel Company as always. Bao Guohua fully affirmed the achievements made by CQPI adhering to the road of continuous innovation, and expressed the intention that Bayi Iron and Steel will continue to strengthen strategic communication and cooperation with the CQPI, so as to realize the new breakthroughs for two companies together on the road of high-quality innovation and development.