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Good Start in 2021Q1

2021-04-07 11:58:14 Chongqing Pump Read


CQPI Made A Good Start In The First Quarter


In the first quarter, Li Fangzhong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors, Peng Zhong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, led the sales team to sign 175 project contracts with Inner Mongolia Baofeng, Zhejiang Huahai, Baotou Steel and other units successively. The cumulative order of 540 million yuan increases 114.45% compared with the same period last year; Realize payment collection 202.3 million yuan, an increase of 34.06% over the same period last year. For production, contract review and contract planning are strengthened.

CQPI formulated a series of work measures such as reasonable division of labor, strengthening the management and control ability of projects, and achieved a total output value of 158 million in the first quarter. At the same time, the construction of information system has been improved, especially the completion rate of contract configuration in the technology center has increased from 84% to 94%, which has improved contract delivery on schedule.