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New Order of Descaling System:1100MM

2021-05-06 12:00:45 Chongqing Pump Read


New Order of 1100mm HP Descaling System  


Recently, CQPI signed 1100mm HP descaling system contract with a Tangshan Iron and steel company, which is the 4th narrow-band HP descaling system continuously signed by CQPI.


Descaling system is well received by users in the industry due to excellent quality. After years of continuous innovation, CQPI fully has the ability of independent design and development, production and manufacturing, and system automation control integration of the whole descaling process. CQPI provides users with a set of integrated "turnkey" solutions from the aspects of descaling pump station, workshop pipeline, descaling box and system control. CQPI’s HP descaling system has become a priority option for metallurgical units.


In the future, CQPI will continue to improve its core technology research and development capabilities, and further in the research of core pumps, HP system integration, automation control and other directions.