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CNAS Certification -Nondestructive Testing Center

2021-04-16 12:00:41 Chongqing Pump Read

Nondestructive Testing Center Passed CNAS Certification 

2021 318日,重泵理化無損檢測中心實驗室獲得CNAS實驗室認可證書,同時獲得認可能力范圍內注冊號和CNAS標識使用權。此舉標志著公司理化檢測能力和管理水平獲得了國家級組織認可,進一步提升在國內國際市場競爭力。

On March 18 of 2021, CQPI’s non-destructive testing center(NDTC) passed CNAS laboratory accreditation certification, meanwhile acquiring the license to use CNAS registration number and logo within scope of accreditation capability.

This indicates that CQPI’s  physical and chemical testing ability and management level have been recognized by national organizations, and further enhance its competitiveness domestically and globally.

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CNAS是中國合格評定國家認可委員會(英文名稱為China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment)的縮寫。CNAS通過評價、監督合格評定機構(如認證機構、實驗室、檢查機構)的管理和活動,確認其是否有能力開展相應的合格評定活動(如認證、檢測和校準、檢查等)、確認其合格評定活動的權威性,發揮認可約束的作用。通過CNAS實驗室認可是對實驗室檢測能力的認可,也代表著該實驗室的檢測結果是能夠得到國際互認。

China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, abbreviated as CNAS, is engaged to evaluate and supervise the management and activities of conformity assessment organizations (such as certification organizations, laboratories and inspection organizations), confirms their capabilities to carry out corresponding conformity assessment activities (such as certification, testing and calibration, inspection, etc.), as well as their authority of conformity assessment activities, playing a role of recognition constraints. Passing CNAS laboratory accreditation means accpetance in its laboratory testing ability, and its implemented laboratory test results are acknowledged and recognized internally.