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2021-04-26 12:00:58 Chongqing Pump Read




CQPI recently acquired an order of large diaphragm pumps of a mining customer in Serbia, which has been delivered successfully to the project site. The installation and commissioning are in full swing with the participation of the client project team as well as CQPI after-sales service team.


據悉,本項目為國內知名礦業巨頭踐行 “一帶一路”國家戰略重要落地項目典范之一,也是其持續海外發展又一手筆之作。重泵公司為項目配套多臺礦用隔膜泵系統,包含泵組、電氣、控制全套系統,服務尾礦長距離輸送用途。為保障項目進度如期進展,在全球新冠大流行依然肆虐的情況下,售后工程師魏銘、于偉豪兩位同事受公司重托,履行客戶承諾離境出征,大美逆行,在曾經戰地塞爾維亞盛綻傲嬌黃花,書就中國故事重泵服務。

It is learnt that this is one of the model project of national strategy of “Belt & Road” implemented for a known mining giant in China, a remarkable masterpiece of its continuous overseas development. CQPI supplies several units of mining diaphragm pump systems for this project, including a complete set of pump set, electrical and control systems, to serve the long-distance transportation of tailing mineral. In order to ensure project progress on schedule, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic still rampant, Wei Ming and Yu Weihao, the after-sales engineers of CQPI, are assigned to fulfill client commitment to depart China for Serbia onsite to illustrate China story of CQPI service.


The mining diaphragm pump is one of the important star products of CQPI, and its R&D and application has started since earlier 1960s. It is mainly used for fluid transportation under special conditions in mining. It is also the critical core equipment in process of mining production. With decades of technology precipitation and unique system integration advantages in mining and metallurgy industry, CQPI has occupied a dominant position in domestic mainstream of mining industries.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongqing Electronic & Mechanic (Holding) Group(CME) , CQPI is mainly engaged in design, manufacture, sales and service of industrial pumps, which are widely used in steel, mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electric power, municipal, civil and nuclear applications, with global exports to more than 30 countries and regions, like the United States, Brazil, Peru, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Niger, Algeria, Chad, etc. (YYG)