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CQPI Launches Third Cooperation with Inner Mongolia Mineral Company

2017-09-26 10:48:12 Chongqing Pump Read

Recently, our company signed a successful contract with Inner Mongolia mineral company and started the third cooperation between the two sides. The success of the signing reflects the Zijin group's highly recognized to cqpi about our company's products, technical development and quality after-sales service.


In 2013, our company entered the Inner Mongolia mineral company for the first time. Because of the good after-sale service, the company left a deep impression on the owner. In the second phase, our company beat other competitors and won the bid again. Every year, the personnel of the mining and marketing department pay regular visits to the users, understand the use of the equipment, and solve the problems of customers in time. In 2016, we went back to the scene again, and found that the first and second stage pumps were fully loaded and operated well, but there was no standby pump at the scene. Once the equipment is maintained and repaired that means the risk of shutdown, which may pose a risk to the user's production. The staff found that the problem immediately put into action, and actively provide technical support and services to customers, so that customers feel very touched. After a year of communication, the third cooperation has finally come true.

At present, the market is facing a variety of marketing environment, domestic and foreign competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and consumers are becoming more and more mature

Only when we are not afraid of difficulties and proceed from the interests of our customers, can we realize the strategy of enterprise development and ensure the sustainable and stable development of the company.