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5S Release: Area Progress P6

2021-03-22 11:00:17 Chongqing Pump Read


The Sixth Regional Improvement Achievements Conference

    3月2日下午,公司組織召開第六期區域改善成果發布評審會。公司黨委副書記、工會主席李衛,智勝公司總監賴紅妍、顧問劉曉龍及各車間區域主管共30余人參會。In the afternoon of March 2nd, the company organized the 6th Regional Improvement Achievements Release Review Meeting. More than 30 people attended the meeting, including Li Wei, deputy party secretary of the company and chairman of the labor union, Lai Hongyan, director of Zhisheng Company, Liu Xiaolong, consultant, and regional directors of each workshop.



At the meeting, 21 regional directors made a comprehensive display on the remarkable achievements through PPT introduction, video presentation, interactive questions and answers from judges, etc. the three project, optimize the layout of raw materials, test pipelines tooling area, and gauge quenching process, developing the regional front-line staff’ strength, linkage technology, technical staff support, proceed with the area work efficiency, focus on workshop to improve the actual problem and obtained the close attention from review group and workers.