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CQPI Assisted CPE Resumpting MIS Oil Field

2017-09-25 10:59:27 Chongqing Pump Read


CQPI supplied a batch of oil transfer pump and water injection pump to CPE for Iran Masjed Sulaimana oil field in 2008.  But for some special reasons, the project suspended production after running around one year. This project is our first export performance in Iran market, CQPI always pays much attention to it.


CQPI received the notice of oil field resumption from customer in 2017. The customer requested CQPI sending after-service workers to site for checking and maintaining equipment so that the project can be re-started. CQPI sent professional experienced worker to site upon receiving the notice. The worker checked the equipment at site one by one, assisted customer replacing some parts and removed all hidden troubles, and re-started all equipment at site successfully finally.