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Flowering Art on Women's Day

2021-03-12 11:00:17 Chongqing Pump Read


Female worker flower arrangement activity

35日下午,重泵公司舉辦了女職工插花體驗活動。此次活動邀請了重慶市插花協會會長鄭巧雪女士到活動現場演示了草月流插花作品創作過程。公司近50名女職工參加。On March 5, CQPI held a female worker flower arrangement activity. Ms. Zheng Qiaoxue, the president of Chongqing Flower Arrangement Association, was invited to demonstrate the creation process of Caoyueliu flower arrangement works. Nearly 50 female workers participated this activity.


活動中,鄭會長講授了花藝知識和插花技巧,并現場進行了制作演示。在初步學習了花藝知識后,各位女同胞們也開始動手插花,雖然不是很熟練和完美,但是大家臉上都露出了歡樂的笑,這是發自內心的最動人的笑,是親近大自然的歡樂和幸福。此次插花活動,讓大家感受到動手創作的快樂。不僅豐富公司廣大女職工精神文化生活,也進一步激勵她們立足崗位奮勇爭先、干事創業的積極性,以一個良好的精神風貌投入到公司各項生產經營工作中去。In the activity, President Zheng taught the knowledge of flower art and flower arrangement skills, and made a demonstration. After the preliminary study of flower art knowledge, the women also began to do flower arrangement by themselves, although not very skilled and perfect, but everyone is happy and their face showed a happy smile, this is from the deep heart of them, and it is the joy and happiness of nature. The flower arrangement activity made everyone feel the joy of creating by hand. It not only enriches the spiritual and cultural life of female employees in the company, but also further motivates them to strive to be the first based on their posts and work for entrepreneurship, so as to put them into the company's various production and management work with a good spiritual outlook.