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CQPI Passed Quality Assurance Review

2017-09-05 10:47:01 Chongqing Pump Read

Quality assurance review group of China Zhongyuan External Engineering Co. Ltd made the second quality assurance supervision on CQPI on 30th and 31th August. Review group was composed by the group leader of quality assuarance department Mr.He Conghui, the supervisor Mr.Fu Xiaoxiong and the observer Mr.Wang Jun. They reviewed related documents about product procurement control, design control, process procedure control, personnel training and qualification examination, document and record control, non-conformity control and remedial action, management self-assessment and independent assessment for charging pump of project K2&K3, middle pressure safety injection pump of project K2, hydrotest pump of project K2&K3, boric acid pump of project K2&K3. They went to the workshop, metering room and archives room to check.


Around twenty people attended the closing meeting, including the vice general manager Mr. Ran Hongming and Mr. Yang Xiaohua, Chief engineer Mr. Wang Tianzhou and related department heads on 31th August. On the meeting, review group recognized the workflow and specification about the manufacture, design and quality assurance and agreed CQPI passes quality assurance review by reviewing nuclear pump design, manufacturing quality assurance outlineCB/HZB-SC-2017, quality assurance outline for project K2&K3, International atomic energy agency security series 50-C / SG-Q1996 and related regulation.