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Better Skills Training

2017-08-22 13:03:03 Chongqing Pump Read

Better Skills Training

CQPI launches the Better Skills Program 2017 in latest days, mainly aiming to improve the operating workshop skills, 85 employees in participation. To mostly minimize the conflicts to productionall training courses take place on weekends, lasting 4 months.


To realize better training effect, the training courses are based on the full communications between the training tutor and workshop managers, adequately understanding the workshop expectation and demands from the upcoming training, focusing on such practical skills as machining basic, machining drawings, processing methods & skills, new process and methods, general inspections and operation.

It is the essential requirement of ISO9000 quality system to make continuous improvement. CQPI implements regular training on relevant functions to improve its running performance, striving to stabilize quality system and ensure quality products in all its operation.

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