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Special Focus on VGO Pump 3- Technical Innovations

2020-08-08 16:42:00 Chongqing Pump Read


Special Focus on VGO Pump 3- Technical Innovations

On June 12, 2020, VGO Hydrocracking Feed Pump (SDT70-300) produced by CQPI was put into operation successfully with excellent performance, and it broke through many bottleneck technologies of high-end pump manufacturing.


Main parameters and operation conditions as follows:

Parameters of pump are rated flow 65m3 / h, rated head 2,985m, rated speed 6,000 rpm,  and medium is VGO  in temperature of 210 ℃ ~ 260 ℃ ~ 350 ℃including 5% WT metal catalyst particles. The pump adopts radial split double casing barrel structure (BB5). Its core package adopts axial split structure (BB3) with 10-stage impellers arranged symmetrically. The mechanical seal applies plan32 + 54 for sealing and flushing. The pump unit is equipped with gear box and independent lubricating oil system as well as mechanical seal flushing circulating oil system.



Critical highlights in bottleneck technologies:

On the condition of low flow and high head, the pump speed is high but specific speed is very low. The inner casing of pump adopts axial split to realize the maintenance on site and save operation cost, but this construction cause big difficult on casting and machining, and the seal between upper and lower casing under 350℃ is difficult too, which breaks through the existing technology cognition and application of pump industry. 

? 在超低流量、超高揚程的工況條件下,多級離心泵采用的轉速高,而泵的比轉速還非常低;為達到現場可以拆檢維修,降低運行成本的目的,內殼體采用了軸向剖分式,導致內殼體的鑄造及加工難度極大、上下殼體在350℃下的密封難度也極大,突破了泵行業現有技術的認知和應用。

Due to the medium containing 5% WT metal catalyst particles,  special processing craft, the impeller, the surface hardness of the wetted parts like impeller, seal ring and casing etc. reaches 700HV, and   surface hardening layer thickness reaches 0.6 mm, which is exceed 500HV than hardness of the catalyst particles, and ensure the parts wear resistance and service life.

?  由于介質中含有5%WT金屬催化劑顆粒,通過特殊的處理工藝,使葉輪、口環、蝸殼等過流件表面硬度達到700HV、表面硬化層厚度達0.6mm,超過催化劑顆粒的500HV硬度,保證了零部件耐磨性及使用壽命。



CQPI is a state-owned company affiliated with Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Holding (Group) Co., Ltd.(CME), specializing in the research, development, design and production of high-end pump and systems. It has two main category products, the positive displacement pump and centrifugal pump. The company established in 1951, and it has sustained profitability and steady development, there are more than 1000 employees, and it covers an area of 200,000m2. Awarded the "national enterprise technology center", passed the assessment of “integrated management system of informatization and industrialization", and awarded “API Q1”. With the platform of "whole-life cycle management and remote operation and maintenance ", the product is widely used in the industry of oil and gas, chemical, mining, metallurgy, steel, nuclear power, thermal power, water supply and drainage etc. in domestic and abroad, and has been exported to more than 30 countries all over the world. 

重慶水泵廠有限責任公司是重慶機電(控股)集團旗下專業從事高端工業泵類產品及系統研究、開發、設計、生產于一體的國有企業,覆蓋容積泵及離心泵兩大類產品。重泵始建于1951年,持續盈利、穩定發展,現有員工1000余人,工廠占地面積200,000平方米;獲得“國家企業技術中心”的授牌、通過國家“信息化和工業化融合管理體系 要求”的評定、擁有“API Q1”證書、攜“機泵全生命周期管理及遠程運維”平臺,廣泛服務于國內外油氣、化工、礦山、冶金、鋼鐵、核電、電力、給排水等領域,已出口到全球30多個國家和地區。