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CQPI Nuclear Charging Pump Debut YUQIA Fair

2017-06-29 09:50:37 Chongqing Pump Read

The 20th China(Chongqing)Global Investment& Sourcing Fair(“YUQIA FAIR”) is held on June 22-25, 2017 in Yuelai Exhibition Center of Chongqing. CQPI participates the fair in flag of Chongqing Machinery & Electronic Group(CME), led by Mr. Li Wei along with overseas marketing, the Party Secretary of the company. The nuclear charging pump debuts on YUQIA Fair, which has won the National Scientific Growth Prize in Level 2, being an eye catching display for the visiting experts and audiences during the exhibition. Mr. Wang Yuxiang presents the fair and visits CQPI stands, the President of CME.


Wang Yuxiang(R3) & Li Wei(L1) at CQPI Stand

 The nuclear charging pump is also called “Safety Valve”of nuclear power plant, which undertakes the purpose of providing upcharging water and cooling seal water for nuclear reactor cooling agent system, meanwhile in function of forced safe injection of high pressure water to avoid reactor core exposed in case of accident status.

CQPI nuclear charging pump is of fully own core technology and intellectual properties. Because of its proved stability, it has been widely used in large nuclear power projects domestically and abroad, already achieving outstanding performance and excellent customer feedbacks.