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CQPI Passed National “Integration Of informatization & Industrialization” Management System Audit

2017-06-26 08:59:24 Chongqing Pump Read

Recently, experts from Chongqing HTK Center came our company for auditing “integration of information & industrialization” management system. The evaluation is divided into two stages: the compound type and operation condition.


Through one week’s review, the experts affirmed CQPI’s preparation work and recognized the effect. They agreed that the CQPI “integration of information & industrialization” management system meets the assessment requirements. Finally, our “integration of information & industrialization “ management system passed the audit of national-level expert team.


“Integration of information & industrialization” is the high-level combination of informatization and industrialization. Informatization drives industrialization and industrialization promots informatization. This is a new type of industrialization way. Its core is informatization support and going after sustainable development model.