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Virus Prevention War

2020-02-28 12:51:19 Chongqing Pump Read


Since we resumed production on 11th Feb. the virus prevention and production promotion proceed simultaneously. CQPI uses the WeChat platform to update epidemic prevention information and posts propaganda posters on factory site timely, all workers are required to follow the epidemic prevention and control measurement.



All Department formulate effective prevention measures according to actual situation, such as promoting prevention and control knowledge to strengthen worker’s consciousness of the safe production and disease prevention, disinfect the public office area and workshop facilities in the morning and evening, and strictly requirements employees wearing masks and cooperating for temperature detection, prepared masks, disinfectant and hand sanitizer etc. epidemic prevention material. 


在公司的有序組織下,重泵有條不紊地進行著疫情防控阻擊戰和復工復產攻堅戰,各部門齊心協力、團結一致, 終將贏得此次“戰疫”的最終勝利。

Under the company's orderly organization, and all department unity working, we are sure that we can eventually win the virus prevention war.