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CQPI Passed Project Audit from Military Customers

2017-06-16 11:04:26 Chongqing Pump Read

On May 25th, China Nuclear Power Institute (CNPI) organized expert team to carry out design approval for residual heat removal pump and emergency water injection pump of military and nuclear project in CQPI. Mr. Wang Tianzhouthe Chief Engineer, and Mr. Ran Hongming, the Deputy General Manager, as well as related staff from CQPI participated the meeting together with the audit experts from customer side.


During the process of site audits, representatives from CQPI and its key supplier- Jiamusi Motor, sub made detailed introduction on pumps and motors for the technical proposals respectively, clarifying issues and questions from audit team. Final conclusion ultimately from the expert team agree that CQPI’s residual heat removal pump unit and emergency water injection pump unit meet with design requirement, successfully passing military and nuclear project design approval in the end.