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Briefing of International Exhibitions in May 2016 in Which CQPI Participated

2016-06-17 11:11:04 Chongqing Pump Read

Under the guidance of the “Go Global” strategy raised by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Chongqing Pump Industry Co., Ltd. (CQPI) leaders attach great importance to the development of the international market. After the supplement of strength of foreign trade in 2015, CQPI successively participated in several world-renowned exhibitions in 2016. They are 47th Houston Offshore Technology Conference May 2-5, 2016, The 21st Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining &  Petrochemical Exhibition  (Iran Oil Show 2016) 5-8 May. 2016-Tehran) and China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (Indonesia), May17 – 22, 2016.


Houston is not only the center of the energy industry and petrochemical industry in the United States, but also the largest oil processing, petrochemistry and basic chemical industry centers in the United States, enjoying the reputation of the " Oil Capital of the World" and the " Energy Capital of the World". At present, Houston’s oil refining and petrochemical industry are very developed, the oil refining amount exceeds more than 30% of the United States,  and the refining capacity and the production of main petrochemical products such as ethylene, synthetic rubber, etc. rank first in the country. Of 30 the largest oil companies in the United States, 29 have headquarters in Houston. In addition, more than 5000 companies in Houston are engaged in business related to energy. There are many oil derricks and criss-crossed oil and gas pipes surrounding Houston. The area with Houston as the centre, east to Bomengte and west to Corpus Christi, has become the largest oil industry zone of the United States. Houston’s unique geographical advantage provides unique business opportunity for exhibitors and attendee of OTC.


Iran is rich in oil and gas resources. Its oil reserve occupies the fifth place in the world and gas reserve ranks the second in world, next only to Russia. Iran is a developing country with very large product market demand space. The United Nations sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program have created commercial opportunities for the development of Iran's domestic enterprises and Chinese enterprises to enter the Iranian market.


Indonesia is the key link in Southeast Asia where our country is vigorously promoting “the Belt and Road Initiative”. In the future, with continuous building of the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road Economic Belt, bilateral trade between China and Indonesia has shown great potential and board prospects for economic and technological cooperation. Indonesia is a big country in the Association of South-East Asian Nations, rich in oil, gas and mineral resources. The Indonesian government has established a number of industrialization and modernization development strategies and plans, which provide a vast fluid machinery market, especially the power, petrochemical and infrastructure fields.CQPI took full advantage of these exhibitions to vigorously promote the company brand and products, and interviewed the regular customers so as to further strengthen the contact, at the same time also got lots of new information about many new customers. During the exhibitions CQPI also visited the other companies' booths, even discussed the market with some peer companies, accumulating a lots of valuable experiences for taking part in the future international exhibitions. In addition, these exhibitions in May this year also let CQPI know more about the local customs and the market situation, and thus amass a solid strength to develop the international market.