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Hard-won opportunity

2017-05-26 10:29:27 Chongqing Pump Read

- The company successfully bid Caofeidian project


Recently, Caofeidian Jingtang 3500 projects in the country through open tender. The project involves equipment mainly descaling system, is expected to evaluate the amount reached 11.79 million yuan.

March 31, sets the Registrar of Companies at the hearing Wang Zhizhong, on behalf of the company immediately went to visit Jingtang company in charge of the renovation project Wang, vice president. Twists and turns before arriving removed Jingtang company. Since the company is about to leave the next day, so visit time is very tight. Director Wang know to run the market is an extremely complex operation, before departure he developed a thorough work plan. Because we know that without an appointment, the company prohibits any external unit personnel. Director Wang Jizhongshengzhi, hiding in the car trunk to reach the administration building Jingtang company. In Wang door hard waiting Forty minutes later, finally saw the deity. However, due to Wang, vice president of work is very busy, only ten minutes of talk time. Director Wang limited time with the customer to do a comprehensive communication positive, the effect is quite good, making the market work to achieve a multiplier effect. After the customer to discuss the decision, give the company the opportunity to participate in the tender. Next, we set the company will continue in close contact with Jingtang company, so my customers have a deeper understanding.

The visit, not only for the company to secure a valuable opportunity to bid, but also allow customers to learn more about our technical and production strength, for the latter again cooperation has laid a good foundation.

At this point, it is because Wang Zhizhong Marketing Director to take the lead in the first-line hard work hard for our business to bring more sales opportunities and benefits. It shares the impact of positive energy he devoted a complete set of everyone, so that every member of the marketing team sets played a tireless insistence on individual projects and unyielding spirit. Up to now, sets the annual target of 230 million yuan the end of March to complete the 87.29 million yuan orders brilliant performance to achieve the department sets a good start in the first quarter.

On the Road Director Wang Zhizhong at Caofeidian project, which we can appreciate the market run hard and bitter. Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold. After the storm, there will always be sunshine.