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Million-size Order of Circulating Pump

2019-11-13 20:55:42 Chongqing Pump Read

Million-size Order of Circulating Pump


Recently, CQPI successfully won a bid of 4 high temperature circulating water pumps from an energy company in Ningxia of China, with a total contract price of over 1.5 million US dollars, contributing much for the upcoming success closure of 2019.



Since the project information was obtained in August, the Northwest sales team rushed to the site for the first time to make technical reviews with the owner in manner of timely and effective mutual interaction. Through in-depth understanding of customers' technical requirements and project expectations, combined with site conditions and facilities, CQPI sales made best use of its reference experience in the field of circulating water pump, providing customer with optimized solution of BB5 pump instead of the initial planned BB3, successfully breaking though the onsite space limitations, eliminating customer' concerns from the technical aspect, and finally obtaining its acceptance to award the bid.


Since its establishment in 1951, CQPI has been mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of medium and high-end large-medium pumps in industrial applications. Boiler feed water pump as well as circulating water pump is just among such conventional applications, so far with outstanding achievements both domestic and abroad. The successful bid this time once again demonstrates CQPI’s deep commitment in pumps and strong technical strength to further development. (Source-CQPI; English-YYG)