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Breakthrough in 65-Ton Accumulator

2019-10-24 13:22:22 Chongqing Pump Read


Breakthrough in 65-Ton Accumulator


On October 12, it took eight months for CQPI to complete the production and manufacture of accumulators for 6 large-scale hydraulic press high-pressure pump stations ordered by China First Heavy Group (CFH), and all technical performance indexes met the design requirements.



This batch of accumulator order has a single weight up to 65 tons, which embodies the historical obstacles in the process design and manufacturing of CQPI's super large pressure vessel, such as rotary welding, transfer and hoisting.

The successful off-line of manufacture symbolizes the fact that CQPI has broken through the bottleneck of 65 tons of single weight in the accumulator manufacturing, with the technical strength to undertake the super large accumulator project afterwards since now.

Source-CQPI; English-YYG