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Factory integration progress the company successfully sail new post New Hope

2016-04-25 10:59:48 Chongqing Pump Read

- Company held Wing branch staffing forum


Wing-factory pre-business integration through painstaking work has been basically told some way. March 30 afternoon, in the fifth floor conference room of the factory Wing transferred to company headquarters employees to work forum, the company chairman and general manager Li Fangzhong, party secretary Li Wei, deputy party secretary, trade union chairman Wang Gang, receiving department leadership, relocated workers more than 30 people attended the meeting.

Party Secretary Li Wei business integration work on this with a briefing, Secretary Li stressed that the sincere welcome to the main part of the factory workers choose new factory jobs to work, this is the branch business integration achieved initial success of an important symbol. Comrades in a new position with the department, like other workers, are essential to re-pump valuable human resources company, the company will be treated equally, with equal pay assessment, hoping to divert people from the work of Yong Tong branch peace of mind, satisfaction , happy in the new job together to promote a new "132" strategy with all pumped heavy development for the company to make a positive contribution.

Company board chairman and general manager of Comrade Li Fangzhong behalf of the company leadership, the arrival of the transfer of employees warmest welcome! They sincerely hope that the new work environment, innovation forward, constantly striving to promote the development of the company, individuals and businesses to achieve "win-win" goal! For their support for the development of enterprises behavior, they do not care about the interests of the family, away from home and loved ones, to support the development of enterprises, as expressed full recognition, but requires the receiving department heads to give maximum support and care in life, work, and emotional aspects let Wing factory workers over the peace of mind back to re-pump family of companies.

Freely throughout the meeting, harmonious atmosphere, harmonious and successful convening of the forum for the next branch business integration work has laid a solid foundation.