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Joint Debut on Moscow Pump Fair

2019-11-01 11:00:53 Chongqing Pump Read



Joint Debut on Moscow Pump Fair


Recently, three subordinate units of CME group: professional pump manufacturer-Chongqing Pump Industry Co.,ltd (“CQPI” for short), professional fan and centrifugal compressor manufacturer- Chongqing General Industry (Group) Co.,ltd (“CQGI” for short ) and professional reciprocating compressor manufacturer- Chongqing Gas Compressor Factory Co., Ltd.(”CCF” for short), followed the footsteps of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chongqing Committee (“CCPIT” for short) to Moscow, Russia and complete 2019 Russian Pump & Valve exhibition successfully.



Moscow international pump valve, compressor and transmission equipment trade exhibition is Jointly sponsored by Russian pump manufacturers association and related professional associations and supported by the ministry of industry, science and technology, famous Chambers of commerce and associations of Russia and Europe. Since its starting in 2002, the exhibition has grown into the most famous and influential exhibition of industrial and civil pump valves, compressors and transmission equipment in eastern Europe and Russia, is one of the most influential International professional exhibitions.



Russia,with a vast territory,is a resource-rich country. It has the world's largest mineral and energy reserves, and also it is the largest exporter for oil and gas. Many equipment manufacturers all over the world are very optimistic about this huge market cake.


In recent years, guided by the national "One Belt And One Road" policy, more and more Chinese enterprises have also joined the Russian market, or some further deepened the cooperation with Russian companies, in this respect, some state-owned key enterprises and large domestic EPC company has been top the list, setting a good example to all Chinese companies. As one of China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises, Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Group Co.,ltd (“CME group” for short) will certainly not lag behind. CME group has been paying close attention to the strong market potential of Russia.



On the exhibition, many Russian enterprises showed great interest in our products. The industry mainly focused on oil and gas, mining and chemical industry etc., The customer types included equipment users, local EPC companies and product traders. This exhibition gives us a good opportunity to know Russian customers, and also expands our popularity in Russia market, so that more local enterprises know about Chongqing machinery and electronics brand. All these have laid a good foundation for us to exploit the Russian market in the future.


Hope we can go faster and further in Russia! (HZF)