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Delivery for CNOOC Iraq Order

2019-07-10 14:23:09 Chongqing Pump Read

在重泵各部門有力協調及配合之下,近日我司伊拉克客戶米桑油田項目訂單最終完工。 此訂單產品為油田用電動輸送泵組,此類型泵組我司已在國內外有多個業績,產品設計和制造完全按照API610標準進行。

With the strong coordination and cooperation of all departments, recently the Iraq order for Missan oilfield was finally completed. The product is motor driven pump unit for oil field, which has been sold many times in domestic and abroad. The design and manufacture of the pump unit are completely in accordance with API610 standard.



In order to meet the requirements of the customer on product quality control and the legal provisions on the import of mechanical products in Iraq, our company invited a third party to inspect and supervise the manufacturing process of equipment, and processed various relevant certificates, such as CE certification, COI certification and embassy certification etc.


CQPI as a long history industrial pump manufacturer in China, its products are widely used in iron and steel, petroleum, refining, chemical, municipal and civil nuclear and other industry. As early as in the 1990s, CQPI’s products have been exported abroad. In its more than 60 years of development, its products have been exported to more than 30 countries in southeast Asia, South America, central Asia, Africa and other regions, except from the Iraqi market. (HZF)