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QC 2019 Program Startup

2019-06-21 10:04:46 Chongqing Pump Read

QC 2019 Program Startup

重泵2019 QC活動啟動會


CQPI recently organized the launching meeting of QC 2019 Program。The deputy director of CQPI announced the QC five-year strategic plan and the implementation of group competition of CME, and made a report on QC work of CQPI in 2019, QC competition, management QC-risk control improvement and QC team project planning.


CQPI Chairman highlighted two requirements to QC teams: first is share his understanding of onsite quality improvement; second is all QC member should apply what he has learned to improve CQPI product quality in round aspects so as to do a good job at one time.(CY)