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Staff Sports Games

2019-06-02 14:00:57 Chongqing Pump Read

Staff Sports Games


5月23日上午,公司14名職工參加了由市機械冶金工會舉辦的2019年慶“新中國成立70周年,健康動起來,奉獻新時代” 首屆企業職工運動會,并報名參加了跳長繩、8*50米混合接力、旱地龍舟三個比賽項目。

On May 23, 14 representatives from CQPI participated in the first enterprise workers' sports meeting held by the Municipal Machinery and Metallurgy Trade Union in 2019, and signed up for three events: long rope skipping, 8*50m mixed relay and dry land dragon boat.



CQPI participation in the Games is intended to promote exchanges between employees, enhance friendship and foster teamwork spirit.(CY)