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First Albanian Order

2019-05-31 17:11:24 Chongqing Pump Read


First Albanian Order


Recently, CQPI have completed the manufacture of pumps for a petroleum company in Albania. 14 pump units in API610 standard are assembled and ready to be dispatch in the workshop.


Those pump units are to be used in oilfield application of Albania, covering full range of  pump system of customer project. The concluded customer is a fast-growing oil and gas listed company with international oil and gas exploration and development as its main business in Albania, meanwhile committed to investing in downstream processing, logistics and sales.


As a comprehensive manufacturer of industrial pumps in China, CQPI has wide applications in steel, petroleum, refining, chemicals, municipal and civil nuclear fields, with global exports to over 30 countries and regions. The first export to Albania is a solid step for CQPI to take advantages under national program of "Belt & Road", for further forward overseas exploration.(Source & English-GQL)