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Greetings from GM of CQME

2019-04-15 13:00:31 Chongqing Pump Read


 Chen Ping Greeting CQPI  Overtime Staff      


Chen Ping, a member of the Party Committee and general manager of the electromechanical group, visited the CQPI to pay tribute to the overtime workers who fought on the front line during the Festival.


Accompanied by Peng Zhong, deputy secretary and general manager of the CPC Committee of the CQPI, General Chen went to the workshop site to extend his cordial condolences to the overtime workers and sincere greetings to the comrades of the CQPI who have stuck to their posts. He highly praised the spirit of hardship and dedication of the workers. Mr. Chen stopped at the site to learn about the progress of the construction project in the third workshop nuclear power zone of the company, and gave guidance to the current production and operation and the completion of the target tasks. He asked the company to persevere in safe and civilized production to ensure the smooth completion of the production and operation objectives throughout the year.