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Cooperation with Known University

2019-04-18 13:06:16 Chongqing Pump Read


On the afternoon of April 12, Chongqing  Pump Industry Co., Ltd(CQPI) and  Lanzhou University of Science cooperated on the project of "Optimizing the Lift of Valve Group of Large Flow Reciprocating Pump" and "Research on the Mechanism of Spiral Seal"。Zhang Renhui (Vice-Dean of School of Energy and Power Engineering of  Lanzhou University of Science), Li Yibin(Associate Professor), Wang Tianzhou(Chief Engineer of CQPI), and More than 40 technicians attended the meeting.


公司與蘭州理工大學合作的項目均為基礎研究項目,通過深入的交流,為后續公司如何優化產品設計,通過多目標綜合考慮提升產品性能提供了理論支撐,明確了改進方向。The cooperative projects between the CQPI and  Lanzhou University of Science are basic research projects. Through in-depth exchanges, it provides theoretical support for the follow-up companies to optimize product design, improve product performance through multi-objective comprehensive consideration, and clarifies the direction of improvement.