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Governmental Visit from CQSTB

2019-03-21 15:00:04 Chongqing Pump Read


Governmental Visit from  CQSTB


On the afternoon of March 22, a delegation led by Mr. Xu Hongbin, director of Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau(CQSTB) visited CQPI for work supervision and research, accompanied by Mr. Zhao Zicheng, VGM from CME, Mr. Zhang Shu, VGM from CQME. Li Fangzhong and Wang Tianzhou, CQPI chairman & Chief Engineer respectively, received the visit and participated the throughout work tour.



During the visit period, Director Xu gave full recognition and praise to CME and CQME as well as CQPI, raising new clear requirements: first, to continue innovation and increase R&D efforts; second, to speed up equipment updating and promote the reform of production capacity structure; third, to internationalize products and vigorously expand global markets.