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Basketball Friendship Match

2019-03-29 13:48:49 Chongqing Pump Read


Basketball Friendship Match


On the afternoon of March 27, Chongqing  Pump Industry Co., Ltd(CQPI) and Chongqing Water Turbine Co., Ltd(CQWT) jointly held a basketball friendship match for youth staff in Jiangjin of Chongqing, the new CQWT location. This match is aimed to strengthen exchanges and interaction and enhance traditional friendship between the two brother companies, throughout in a fierce friendly atmosphere with a final scoring of 63:39 CQPI won the end.



CQPI is mainly engaged in the industrial application of high and medium pumps, both centrifugal and volumetric,  mainly applied in oil & gas, petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy and mining, hydroelectric power, nuclear power and chemical industries; CQWT is mainly engaged in various sets of hydroelectric generating units and power plant control equipment, large and medium-sized pumps, large and medium-sized motors, light rail bearings and other products, with the EPC strength and and integration capability.



As the leading market leader in their respective fields, CQPI and CQWT belong to same parent group of CME Group, one of top 500 China Enterprise.

(Source-CQPI ;English-YYG)