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Good Start on Market

2019-02-18 14:12:41 Chongqing Pump Read


Good Start on Market

近日公司市場部喜報:依托泵類產品的技術優勢和市場積累, 2019年1月市場部各版塊齊頭并進,計量泵、往復泵、隔膜泵、除磷系統、成套裝置等產品新增訂貨100余臺套,總金額近億元,喜迎新年經營“開門紅”。


Good news from the Marketing Department: relying on the technical advantages and market accumulation, in January 2019 the order for metering pump, reciprocating pump, hydraulic diaphragm pump, descaling system and complete set device over 100 sets, , with a total amount of nearly 100 million yuan, all sectors keep pace with each other metering pumps, Which makes a good start for this new year. (HZF)