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?Order of Chad: ORYX Oilfield

2019-01-21 23:00:06 Chongqing Pump Read


Order of Chad: ORYX Oilfield 

(YYG/CQPI) 歲末年初,市場部外貿處傳來喜訊,歷經多輪競爭,公司最終中標華油惠博普(HBP)非洲乍得ORYX油田開發項目,供貨范圍包括輸油、注水主泵,以及線上油料進給、污水處理、補料增壓等全系輔助泵類近30臺套。在公司油田注水泵傳統業績優勢基礎上,本次中標新添輸油泵范圍及輔助泵全系,充分體現項目業主OPIC及總包方HBP對重泵在油氣行業泵類系統供應商全面性能突出表現的充分信任和認可。

Good news from market year-end and new beginning, after rounds of competition, CQPI finally won the bid for order of Chad ORYX oilfield from HBP, the EPCI contractor. Scope of supply includes main pumps of oil transfer and water inject, as well as auxiliary pumps of online feed pump, booster pump, sewage water pump, around 30 units in total. Besides the CQPI conventional strength in oilfield water injection pump, this order gives highlights on crude oil transfer as well as complete range of pumps as a system supplier for CQPI, which also reflects full confidence and good recognition from OPIC and HBP, the Project Owner and the EPCIC Contractor.



HBP is a global professional EPCIC contractor for oil and gas field development. HBP won the bid of Chad ORYX oilfield, scheduling for initial oil output end of 2019.