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Turbomachinery Pump Symposia & Exhibition

2018-09-26 16:56:53 Chongqing Pump Read

Chongqing Pump Industry Co., Ltd. took part in Symposia & Exhibition: Sept. 18 –20, 2018 at George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX.

Turbomachinery &Pump Symposia (TPS) is a vital industry event, offering a forum for the exchange of ideas between rotating equipment engineers and technicians worldwide. Now surpassing 46 years, TPS is known for its impact on turbomachinery, pump, oil & gas, petrochemical, power, aerospace, chemical and water industries.

At the centerpiece of TPS, a remarkable exhibit hall hosts leading international companies from across the globe. Companies and industry experts demonstrate full-size equipment and products, and share insights on current practices and future trends.